Specification: AQA
Subject entry requirements: GCSE grade 6 or higher in History

Studying History at A Level requires students to complete exams in both the British (the English Civil War) and European (Tsarist and Communist Russia) elements of the course. Students also write a piece of coursework which allows them to explore the period of Indian independence. This constitutes 20% of the overall grade. History A Level encourages students to broaden their knowledge and perspective of the world around them. It is challenging and helps students to develop the skills that they need at university.

Through the study of historical concepts and ideas students are encouraged to develop debating skills as well as making their own judgements and explaining their ideas. History A Level also gives students the opportunity to examine and analyse a range of secondary and primary sources helping to develop a wide vocabulary and deep analytical understanding.

History is a subject that is highly valued and respected by universities. It encourages students to develop a knowledge and understanding of other people and cultures. The history department has an experienced and dedicated staff to support our students.

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