Further Mathematics

Specification: Edexcel
Course Subject entry requirements: GCSE grade 7 or higher in Mathematics (GCSE grade 8 or higher in Mathematics is preferred)

The content consists of pure and applied Mathematics (2 exams for each strand). The pure content will be covered over two compulsory papers; the first will mostly be covered in year 12 and the second paper will be more advanced content covered in year 13. Both papers will build on the work covered in GCSE maths. The applied papers include both statistics and mechanics sections; this allows students to cover a broad range of topics allowing them to prepare for a variety of careers.

Further Mathematics is the only subject allowing you to take two A Levels in the same subject which gives students the opportunity to experience some of the most fundamental and beautiful mathematical concepts at a very high level. Further Mathematics gives students the opportunity to specialise in pure and applied mathematics to a great extent, and is highly regarded by universities. Not many students study this subject, but it is incredibly valuable, especially for students looking to study Maths, the Sciences or Engineering at university.

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