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Year 11 Sixth Form Transition Work


Here is some Transition work for Year 11 students who are thinking about undertaking A-Level Maths in September. Please be aware that A Level Maths is suitable for students working at Grade 7 and above in Maths GCSE.
Each exercise contains examples, questions and answers for KEY TOPICS that students must be familiar with prior to starting an A-Level Maths Course.
Download the files - You can attempt the topics in order, or choose the order that is best for you.




  • Make sure you are completely confident with the GCSE topics that recur at A Level. These are family and relationships; technology; social issues; music; cinema; holidays, town / local area and festivals. You should use your Knowledge Organisers to practise vocabulary and could also use Quizlet for practice (many links already on Frog or try FinhamMFLMAT). Make sure you can answer all the questions for each of these topics in detail and try 150 word style tasks. You are welcome to type these out and email to Mrs Staton or Mrs Darby for checking
  • find and annotate a short article in French once a week – use this to note new vocabulary and use of grammar. Some students do this “scrapbook style” so you could get creative. Useful sites for this:,, phosphore – pick anything that interests you, ideally this should relate to a French speaking country.
  • complete listening and reading practice using the three booklets attached (Y11 GCSE French Home Study Pack A, B and C – A is the easiest, C is the most challenging)
  • do grammar practice to make sure you’re confident with the main structures from GCSE (use the Studio GCSE grammar and translation book (answers on Frog) or languages online website, if you need a reminder of the rules, then use the grammar section of BBC Bitesize French)
  • watch and review a French film every couple of weeks or try something on Netflix / Amazon Prime (suggestions on Frog)
  • listen to the Duolingo French podcast or newsinslowfrench.


French Reading List

Y11 GCSE French Home Study Pack A Foundation

Y11 GCSE French Home Study Pack B Higher

Y11 GCSE French Home study Pack C GCSE - A Level


  • Read books about Spanish culture (these are the best two that I have read): Ghosts of Spain, The New Spaniards
  • Watch Spanish shows on Netflix/Youtube/RTVE (this is the Spanish equivalent to the BBC) – Cable Girls, Elite, Money Heist, Narcos, Ministry of Time are the best ones I’ve seen, but I’m sure there are others
  • Listen to the Duolingo Spanish podcast
  • Practise grammar (Use the Viva GCSE grammar and translation workbook with the oranges on the front of it) Making sure you’re confident with present, preterite, imperfect, near future, simple future and conditional is very important and will make life next year much easier. All the answers for the workbook are on Frog – if you go to KS4 reference site then grammar and translation workbook answers
  • Listen to newsinslowspanish or have a go at listening to the actual news!
  • Complete 150 word tasks from your writing workbook and show off, email them to Ms Falomir or Miss Malin to have a look at!
  • Have a look online at the A Level specification and the topics and read around them


Year 12 Spanish Reading List

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